About Us

Street sweepers are and will always be one of the most efficient methods of keeping streets and sidewalks looking their best. Since their invention in 1849, technologies in street sweeping have progressed to the benefit of efficiency, reliability and ease-of-use. With changing technology comes an increasing need for skilled repairmen.

Much like any working truck, even the best street sweepers will need repairs or maintenance. I guarantee it. I want you to know that I care and I can help. I have spent the last 25 years of my life as a mechanic and training instructor for MadVac, Johnston, & Allianz* Sweeper Companies. As a representative of these manufacturers, I have traveled all over the world training customers and diagnosing difficult problems. With the closing of Allianz / Madvac*, the need for qualified repairmen and instructors is even greater. I continue to serve customers’ needs here at Technical Sweeping Services.

Contact me now. Let me help you keep your investment running for years to come!

-Ron Jolly