We provide an array of services that will keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently. Whether it’s maintenance or a major repair, we have the know-how you need 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With 25 years of technical experience, I will travel to your location and assist you in diagnosing of difficult cases. Whether the electrical system is malfunctioning or the hydraulic system fails, we will investigate the cause of the failure and resolve the problem. I can provide written estimates for broken down sweepers or units that have caught fire.

Emergency visits are available but an additional fee will be added with less than 5 days notice.

All sweepers require regular maintenance. Addressing the problem before it gets worse is the key to reliability and lower operating costs. We’ll inspect your sweeper or litter collection vehicle and provide you with a written report on the condition of the unit and what it will require in the near future. This will help to eliminate unexpected downtime and emergency repair costs.

These repairs can be performed by our staff or yours. We offer Maintenance Training for your technicians to keep your sweeper running smoothly.

Technical Sweeping Services offers 24 hours-a-day technical support by phone. This is a plan that requires enrollment. This technical support can be given on a per-call basis or an unlimited call retainer. I can provide advice, as well as share diagrams, service bulletins, or provide any other means necessary to resolve your sweeper issues.

I can come to your location and assist your mechanics in diagnosing difficult problems. Check the Pricing page to view our on-site costs.

For distributors that require assistance in showing machines to potential customers, or those who require training their employees to put on a good show, TSS offers product demonstrations. We have a class B CDL drivers license and can legally move the vehicle to the location of any product demo. Whether you need an operator, a demonstrator, or a speaker—we’ve got you covered. Call 443-866-4800 today if you have any questions!