As the former training instructor for Allianz, Johnston &  Madvac*, I am offering to share my experience with your operators or mechanics.

  • Operators are provided with information regarding pre-trip inspections, efficient operation, and dumping, cleaning, proper lubrication and winterization procedures.
  • Mechanics will learn the principals of mechanical or vacuum / regenerative air sweeping and their benefits. Pros & cons… They will get an understanding of the components and how they work in conjunction with each other. The systems that will be covered include :
    • The Hydraulic System
    • The Electrical System
    • The Pneumatic System
    • The Dust Suppression System
    • Troubleshooting – Preventative Maintenance

The training is conducted with use of a power point presentation, training manual, and a certificate of attendance. A sweeper will be required to perform hands on training.

Time required can be catered to your requirements and individual goals. Usually the classroom session requires 1 Day where Troubleshooting and hands on requires 2-3 Days.  No more than 12 attendees will be allowed in any class at a time.

Provide your employees a valuable education. Don’t waste your time and money trying to fix a sweeper by replacing parts that aren’t faulty. Know how to repair it properly and efficiently.

* Any and all references made to brand names or model numbers are for illustration purposes only